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The Priorities

Campaign for Leadership presents one of the most exciting opportunities for progress and distinction for Alpha Phi and its members. Each of the identified campaign priorities are grounded in our values and based on women’s developmental leadership theories. They will help all Alpha Phi women develop their potential and contribute to some of the most significant challenges of our time.

Leadership 1.0 – Chapter Leadership Development (CLD)

Alpha Phi defines leaders not as those with a formal leadership title, but as anyone who influences others and contributes to the chapter. Facilitated by our Educational Leadership Consultants and a team of outstanding alumna volunteers, the Chapter Leadership Development (CLD) program is professionally designed to give collegiate members the tools to be active followers and to cultivate an environment where all chapter members understand how to be leaders. Leading team efforts and working successfully to utilize group dynamics are skills fostered by this initiative. Based on Alpha Phi’s core values of sisterhood, scholarship, stewardship, character development, leadership, and loyalty, this twice-a-year program tackles pressing issues confronting today’s young women. It’s not just another lecture presentation: the members and facilitators engage in a dialogue and discuss how to incorporate these values into their everyday lives.

“This workshop really gave me good ideas about how to problem-solve and handle tough situations. It helps me deal with chapter problems, as well as situations outside of Alpha Phi.”

– Senior participant (Eta Theta, San Francisco State)

Current Reach:                  15,000 women, ages 18-21 at 80% of collegiate chapters
Goal:                                    Expand reach to all 152 collegiate chapters, and evolve programming to include a digital component to provide access to these important resources to all members year-round.


Leadership 2.0 – Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI)

Alpha Phi supports sisters inside the classroom and also provides programs to help them become leaders on campus and eventually in the marketplace. The Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) is a five-day intensive opportunity for freshmen and sophomore women with potential for leadership opportunities within their chapter and beyond college. ELI is professionally designed to help these women define their voice, identify their leadership skills and abilities, and learn how to impact their chapter and their community. This interactive learning experience includes large and small group discussions, trust building activities and personal reflection. It provides our rising leaders with a unique opportunity to learn from successful Alpha Phi alumnae and each other. Nominees are selected by their chapter.

Current Reach:                  150 collegiate women, three sessions; 15 alumnae facilitators
Goal:                                    300 collegiate women, six sessions; 30 alumnae facilitators


 “I now feel empowered to return to my chapter and make a real difference. [ELI] was invaluable in building us up as leaders and as members of Alpha Phi.”

                                                           –Halee Hyatt (Theta Alpha-Linfield), 2008-09 ELI graduate