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Forget Me Not Stories

This alumna was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and immediately had to change her entire diet and start chemotherapy.

Since being diagnosed, I have been following a very strict diet that involves a lot of organic foods, fruits and vegetables. Our grocery bills have quadrupled. This grant is helping to ease those costs. I cannot express how much this grant has helped this unexpected financial burden. 

The thought of asking Alpha Phi for help never even crossed my mind. It was the idea of one of my best friends and Alpha Phi sisters, who quietly applied for this grant on my behalf.

My wish, along with beating cancer, is that I may someday return the favor to Alpha Phi in the way that it has helped me.

This collegian was diagnosed with cancer and had to take a semester off of school. During that time her parents separated. She needed help paying for her continued MRI’s, ultrasounds and physical therapy.

I have been beyond blessed with this gift. With all the bills that I have received due to the numerous surgeries, doctors, and treatments I had to endure, this gift could not have been less than a miracle. I was able to pay off almost all of the bills that have piled up. I still have doctor’s appointments and MRI's every three months but I should be able to handle those as they come. I am blessed to be a year cancer free and to have such a great foundation and sorority supporting me with every step!

Thank you so much for seeing my need and blessing me. I am eternally grateful!

When pregnant with her third child, this alumna was hospitalized for 27 days until her daughter was born, five weeks early. She was recently laid off from her job and her family now faces immense medical bills.

Words cannot describe what the money has emotionally and financially done for my family. We were finally able to pay off extensive medical bills that we had ensued after the birth of our daughter Josie.

Josie was born premature at 35 weeks. Prior to her delivery I was required to live in a local hospital, for 27 days, due to my declining medical condition. It was very hard on both me and my husband, who was home taking care of my 5 year old twin boys. It was beyond awful being away from them.

After being laid off from my job my family fell further behind with trying to make payments on the medical bills. With the monies allotted to my family from the Forget Me Not Fund, we were able to pay off the Law Offices who were calling day in and day out, demanding to be paid. They did not care that I was recently laid off and that my family was experiencing extreme financial difficulty. We were able to pay these and make a payment towards other bills. It was such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders.

Josie is a 4th Generation Legacy and I am already teaching her all the songs. She will definitely be an Alpha Phi. I believe that Alpha Phi was one the best decisions that I have ever made. In college I don’t think that I really saw the big picture beyond just being a collegiate member. I know in my heart that Alpha Phi will always be there for me!

I believe in my Fraternity.

I believe in Alpha Phi.

This collegian’s parents were denied a loan to pay for her schooling because the amount needed was too great for their credit. She now had to pay for the school year on her own. She received a mix of Federal, University and local scholarships and still had an outstanding balance due.

The amount of thanks that I can give to Alpha Phi is immeasurable. I feel so lucky and blessed to have received the Forget Me Not Fund, and will make it a point to repay this to Alpha Phi in the future so that other women have the same opportunity that I did. I wanted Alpha Phi to remain a part of my life forever, and the Forget Me Not Fund has helped make this possible. I am forever grateful.