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About the Programs

The Foundation devotes a large portion of its funds to supporting leadership training and education programs managed by the Fraternity. Current programs include:

Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI)

ELI is a five-day intensive opportunity for freshmen and sophomore women with potential for leadership opportunities within their chapter and beyond college. It is designed to help these women define their voice, identify their leadership skills and abilities, and learn how to impact their chapter and their community. This interactive learning experience includes large and small group discussions, trust building activities and personal reflection. It provides our rising leaders with a unique opportunity to learn from successful Alpha Phi alumnae and each other. Emerging leaders who attend the Institutes receive a full scholarship funded by Alpha Phi Foundation that includes all travel, lodging and meals at the Institute.


Chapter Leadership Development (CLD)  

Successful chapters rely on the involvement of the entire chapter to lead.  Our CL D program is a series of educational sessions that focuses on Alpha Phi values and how they apply to our lives as sisters, leaders and members of society. Facilitated by our Educational Leadership Consultants and a team of outstanding alumna volunteers who collectively visit each chapter, this program is designed to give members the tools to be active followers and to cultivate an environment where all chapter members understand how to be leaders. Leading team efforts and working successfully to utilize group dynamics are skills fostered by this initiative.


Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC) Program

In 1894, Alpha Phi was the first women’s fraternity to use “traveling delegates,” now known as Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs). These women work hands-on with Alpha Phi chapters to develop recruitment plans, devise marketing strategies, provide motivation and support, analyze situations and make vital decisions. 


Additionally, the Foundation also funds educational training sessions at Convention and other conferences to help officers develop the skills necessary to assume strong leadership roles within their chapters and beyond college.

The Foundation is committed to advancing Alpha Phi as the premier developer of women through these types of cutting-edge programs. Members not only become better leaders in their chapters and communities, they also become informed about pressing issues facing the world today.