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Scholarship Stories


"With the scholarship I received from the Foundation I was able to spend two months as a Student Nurse Intern at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is an opportunity that has drastically changed my life and now as a Pediatric Oncology Nurse is an experience that every day enhances my ability to provide exceptional care to this unique group of children. This is a vital part of my career and professional growth that I would have never received without the Foundations support and investment in my future. It is amazing how much this wonderful organizations faith in the future of its members can really change our lives, as my scholarship did for me."

Kate Crook (Pi-North Dakota) 2011-2012 Foundation Scholarship Recipient



“To be part of an organization that gives so much to its members is an amazing thing. Even though my time as an active member is over, the Alpha Phi Foundation will continue to support me in my endeavors. Veterinary school is four years and upon my graduation in 2016, I plan to pursue a veterinary career that will also benefit the community around me. My experience in veterinary clinics thus far has been at non-profit clinics including a wildlife center and a low-cost clinic. Offering services for pets at more affordable prices and helping wildlife that wouldn’t receive care otherwise has been truly inspiring.”

Ashley Barthel (Epsilon Beta-Butler) 2012-2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient



“The Foundation’s scholarship program is ensuring the success of future generations. This scholarship will help me immensely in my last year of my Masters in Business Administration program. I am also working full time as a Unit Manager at Kansas Disability Determination Services. After graduation, I plan to use my degree and pursue other avenues in the public or government sector. Thanks to this scholarship, I am one step closer to that goal.”

Barbara Bedwell (Upsilon-Washburn) 2012-2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient




“I am the first in my family to attend college and this support is essential to my education. Being a member of Alpha Phi has been a life changing experience and this scholarship demonstrates the immense support that this Fraternity can offer me. I look forward to my last year as a collegiate and joining the alumni chapters.”

Alejandra Campos (Delta Delta-Oklahoma City) 2012-2013 Foundation Scholarship Recipient